Rg portrait

My name is Robin Gower. I'm an economist, information analyst, and software developer based in Manchester. I started Infonomics in 2007 to provide consultancy and software that helps my clients to analyse, understand, and improve the value of their work. I'm passionate about improving efficiency, using and developing open-source software, and exploring the balance between competition and cooperation.

I have a degree in Economics from Cambridge University and eight years experience working in Think Tanks and Management Consultancy. I am a Certified PRINCE2 Pracitioner and I hold a qualification in British Sign Language. I've written a peer-reviewed paper on People Managed Places that was published the International Journal of Place Management and Development.

Robin is a gifted consultant who has particular strengths in analysing and manipulating complex data for research purposes. He is a man of integrity who will challenge 'lazy' assumptions with well-developed arguments for better ways forward.

Graham Brown, International Trade Director, Strategem

Robin's work has added value to our propositions. His work is thorough, detailed and well researched and in all cases was made specific and relevant to our clients.

Neil Meadows, Director of Consulting, Government Services at Enterprise Plc

Robin is creative consultant who always seeks to deliver beyond the brief.

William Wells, International Investment Manager, East Midlands Development Agency

Robin is a highly focused and motivated person. He has tremendous abilities and has won the respect of both fellow employees and clients through his knowledge and his ability to apply it. He is a highly valued member of the team.

Tim Ashcroft, Director, Innovas Group